Terms and Conditions

Lyttelton Recreation Centre
Hirer Terms & Conditions 2022

Please ensure you have fully read and understood the following Terms &
These are your responsibilities as the hirer when booking a space at the
Lyttelton Recreation Centre.
• Bookings are for a minimum of 60 minutes.
• The hirer must truthfully and accurately state the type of activity the
community facility is being hired for.
• The hirer must only use the community facility space they have booked
and paid for.
• Set up and pack down time must be allowed for and included in the hire
• Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the right to have staff, or their
representatives present at the event at any time.
• The hirer shall ensure that all persons have vacated the community
facility by the end of the hire period.
• The hirer must adhere to the confirmed hire period. Failure to do so can
incur additional charges and possible cancellations of future bookings.
• All fees quoted at the time of making the booking are GST inclusive.
• All regular hirer fees are subject to review at the sole discretion of the
Lyttelton Recreation Centre Trust.
Additional Charges
Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the right to invoice the hirer for any
additional charges resulting from the hirers use. In addition to the venue hire
price paid at the time of the booking, the hirer may also be charged for:
• Unsatisfactory standard of cleaning throughout the facility to ensure that
it is ready for the next hirer.
• Any damage or loss to the community facility including but not limited to
keys, facility locks or chattels caused during the hire period or through
any breach of the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement.
• Any theft of Lyttelton Recreation Centre property from the community
facility during the hire period.
• Failure to conclude the facility hire by the agreed time.
• Failure to remove event rubbish from the community facility.
• Failure to secure the community facility after your agreed hire including
doors, windows, fire exits.
• Any cost, losses, or expenses that the Lyttelton Recreation Centre incur
due to a breach of the Terms and Conditions outlined in this agreement,
including but not limited to extra cleaning, rubbish removal, cancellation,
or refunds for the next hire due to actions resulting from failure to meet
your hire’s Terms and Conditions.
• Any Emergency Services call out or fire alarm activation attendance for a
non-emergency situation. This also applies to the security alarm if
activated outside of the normal hours of hire.
Cancellation of Hire
• The hirer agrees to cancel the booking by contacting the Lyttelton
Recreation Centre Facility Manager.
• Bookings can be cancelled without charge up to 12 hours prior to the
booked time slot. Registered pay2play members can cancel bookings
online however this will not initiate a refund for paid bookings.
• Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the right to levy full booking costs
for confirmed bookings not utilised or cancelled within 12 hours of the
• Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the right to cancel the booking if
any unforeseen circumstances arise after the booking has been
• Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the right to cancel any bookings at
its sole discretion without liability for any loss or additional costs
incurred by the hirer or payment of compensation to any party
whatsoever. Fees or charges paid prior to the cancellation of the booking
will be refunded or credited to the hirer.
• Should a request for a booking be made at a time and/or venue that
conflicts with another booking, Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the
right to determine which hirer shall be given the use of the venue at its
sole discretion.
Regular Hire
• A hirer who has six or more confirmed bookings within the Lyttelton
Recreation Centre’s financial year is defined as a ‘regular hirer’ for the
purpose of this Agreement.
• A regular hirer may pay the total annual hire for all its bookings in the
financial year at the time the bookings are made, or by regular invoicing
issued by the Lyttelton Recreation Centre and payment is due as stated
on the invoice.
• Future bookings are subject to cancellation due to non-payment as per
invoice requirements.
Casual Hire
• A hirer who has less than 6 confirmed bookings within the Lyttelton
Recreation Centre’s financial year, is a ‘casual hirer’ for the purpose of
this agreement.
• To confirm a booking (or bookings), a casual hirer must accept the Terms
and Conditions of hire and make full payment of the relevant venue hire
price at the time of booking.
Pre-Use Check Form
• As this community facility is self-managed, hirers are strongly
encouraged to complete a Pre-Use Check form prior to your booking to
record the condition of the facility.
• Forms are located in the entrance to the facility and are to be left in the
receptacle provided which will be clearly named.
General Conditions of Use
All hirers must be a legal entity. Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the right
to ask for proof of legal identity. A legal entity is a registered group or individual
18 years and older, who has capacity to:
• Enter into agreements or contracts
• Assume obligations
• Incur and pay debts
• Sue and be sued in his/her own right
• Be accountable for illegal activities
a) The person who makes the booking (or the legal entity’s representative as
notified to the Lyttelton Recreation Centre) is required to be present for the
duration of the event.
b) The stated capacity of the community facility must not be exceeded at any
time as required to meet national Building Warrant of Fitness standards. It is
the hirer’s responsibility to understand the venue’s capacity and ensure it is
complied with.
c) All statutory rules, regulations and bylaws in force must be observed and
complied with by the hirer.
d) It is the responsibility of the hirer to inspect the community facility at the
commencement of their allotted booking time to ensure its condition is safe
and fit for the purpose of the hire. Any hazards are required to be immediately
reported to the relevant emergency response, and to the Facility Manager on
021 1116069.
e) It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the general public does not have
access to the community facility, including toilets, during the hire period.
f) No animals are permitted at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre, with the
exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired, registered companion
animals or official animals of the NZ Police.
g) The hirer must not bring alcohol into the facility unless the Facility Manager
has given consent when meeting in person prior to the booking.
h) The hirer is not permitted to allow any illegal activities to take place in or
outside the community facility during their hire period.
i) It is the hirer’s responsibility to contact the NZ Police immediately if there are
any safety concerns due to disorderly behaviour.
j) Behaviour of the hirer and the attendees of the event must be respectful at
all times towards attendees of other events (if any), Lyttelton Recreation
Centre staff and representatives of any Lyttelton Recreation Centre’s engaged
contractors. Any behaviour that is intimidating, harassing or harmful can be
reported to the Lyttelton Recreation Centre and future bookings of the
reported group may be reviewed.
k) Noise levels must be kept to an acceptable level at all times and attendees
are to be considerate of other occupants (if any) of the community facility.
l) Notwithstanding any other provision contained in this Agreement, Lyttelton
Recreation Centre may refuse admission to any person or require any person
attending the event to leave the community facility at the sole discretion of any
Lyttelton Recreation Centre staff or their representative.
m) Nothing in this Agreement creates a landlord-tenant relationship between
the parties.
n) All persons accepting this agreement shall be personally bound to abide by
all Terms and Conditions contained in this agreement and to fulfil all of the
hirer’s obligations under this agreement.
Health & Safety at Work Act 2015
The hirer agrees to:
• Accept the responsibility to act as the building warden. Verifying the
positions of all exit points and safety equipment. Confirming that
doorways/exit points and stairways are clear and unobstructed.
• Being present during the total duration of the hire. Asking for assistance
if you do not understand these responsibilities.
The hirer agrees to:
• Report any damage or heavy wear to equipment by contacting the
Facility Manager on 021 1116069 at the time of your booking.
• Accept the cost incurred by the Lyttelton Recreation Centre to make
good on any damage or repair caused as a result of your function/event.
First Aid Kit
The hirer agrees to:
• Make available a first aid kit to service your own group’s needs.
Fire/Evacuation Responsibilities
The hirer agrees to:
• Act as a Fire/Warden during the term of your hire.
• Controlling and supervising facility emergency evacuation procedures.
• Check the position of the orange ‘Warden’ armband.
Emergency Exit Doors
• Emergency Exit doors are indicated as such at the Lyttelton Recreation
Centre by a sign.
• Emergency Exit doors are to remain unobstructed at all times.
• Emergency Exit doors are to remain closed at all times unless in an
• The hirer will ensure that no vehicles are parked in front of, or obstructs
in any way the venues Emergency Exit/s.
The hirer agrees to:
• Ensure that there is provision of a cell phone for emergency purposes.
• Alternatively, a landline can be located in the reception area near the
main entrance of the building.
Smoke free Environments Act (1990)
The hirer agrees to:
• Supervising and policing the Lyttelton Recreation Centre smoke free
• Smoking is not permitted in any part of the community facility or within
five meters of a doorway.
• Smoke generating equipment is not permitted at the Lyttelton
Recreation Centre.
Flammable materials
• Gas appliances, barbeques, spit roasts, cookers, naked flames (e.g.
candles) or flammable liquids that are a safety or fire risk are not
permitted at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre.
The hirer agrees to:
• Ensure that your activity/event noise is not excessive or disruptive to
• Comply with any Lyttelton Recreation Centre or Noise Control Officers
request or instruction.
• Failure to comply with any Lyttelton Recreation Centre or Noise Control
requests will result in the Police being called to stop the event.
Cleaning Equipment
• It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the community facility,
including the surrounding grounds, is left in a clean and tidy state ready
for use by the next hirer.
• Supply your own kitchen materials, rubbish bags and cleaning materials.
• Empty the dishwasher before you leave (where applicable).
• Oven, stove top, and benchtops are to be left in a clean ready to use
• Return all Lyttelton Recreation Centre provided cleaning
materials/equipment to the allocated cleaning storage area in a clean
• All rubbish generated from your activity/event including but not limited
to catering materials, food, containers, glassware, boxes etc. is the hirers
responsibility to remove from the Lyttelton Recreation Centre.
Facility Furniture (including chairs)
• Furniture is NOT to be moved between rooms unless otherwise
approved by Lyttelton Recreation Centre management. The venue has
allocated equipment relating to the capacity and legal occupancy levels.
• All furniture is to be stacked and stored as indicated on the instructions
present at site.
• Furniture is NOT to be stacked/stored in any Emergency Exit point in any
• Lyttelton Recreation Centre furniture is not to be used as moving
equipment for any equipment being bought onto site by the hirer, the
hirer is required to supply any additional equipment they may require.
• There is no storage available at community facilities for hirer’s
equipment unless an existing agreement is in place with the Lyttelton
Recreation Centre.
• The Lyttelton Recreation Centre reserves the right to request hirers to
remove any item remaining at a community facility where circumstances
• Items belonging to hirers are not to be left on site that impedes the
Buildings Warrant of Fitness in any way, if they do, the Lyttelton
Recreation Centre reserves the right to remove and dispose of said item
as they see fit.
• The Lyttelton Recreation Centre is not responsible for any loss or damage
to any item(s) left in or stored in a community facility by the hirer.
Building Lock Up
• At the conclusion of hire, unless the next hirer is present for their
booking, the community facility is to be locked up, made secure, with
ALL lighting turned off.
• Any cost associated with securing the facility after use due to a hirer not
completing their responsibilities can be invoiced back to the hirer.
I………………………………………………………………………………….(name of hirer)
have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out in this document.
Signed: …………………………………………… Date: …